Thursday, 7 June 2012

Zombie Cannibals: Altering the Food Chain

What's for dinner?  It might be you.

Welcome to the Zombie Cannibal Apocalypse.  North America has become a cannibalistic free-for-all, and frighteningly, all the would-be Hannibal Lectors are not drug fiends indulging in a little bit of hallucinogenic psychosis.  Biting a chunk out of someone seems to be the new throat-punch and powdering them up and eating them is the new caviar.

Most infamous in the spate of attacks is the Miami incident, where high-as-a-kite Rudy Eugene literally ate the face off of a homeless man.  Graphic video footage of the attack was released and the internet has been abuzz, with many people voyeuristically fascinated by the incident as evidenced by the 21 pages of articles brought up by a Google search of “Miami Face Eater”.

This seems to have started a trend of cannibalistic attacks across the continent.

In Montreal, Quebec, Luka Rocco Magnotta killed his lover, Lin Jun.  He then dismembered Jun, ate some of him and mailed various body parts to schools and Canadian political party headquarters locations.

In New Haven, Connecticut, Lowpel Davis attempted to steal a hairpiece from a wig shop.  When she was pursued by the owner, she bit him and ripped a large chunk of flesh from his bicep.  She also attempted to bite the four police officers that were required to wrestle her into custody.

Also in Miami, Florida, Brandon de Leon got into a fight at a Boston Market restaurant.  When police arrived and arrested him, he began banging his head against the window of the police car, screaming, “I’m going to eat you!” to the officers.  According to witnesses he was snapping his teeth, growling and snarling at officers and had to be put into a “bite mask” ala Hannibal Lector.

Journeying on to Grand Rapids, Michigan, Stephen Medawis became enraged with a woman at a party.  So enraged, in fact, that he bit off her nose.

In Monroe, Louisiana, Shantay Brown was involved in an argument on a downtown street.  Brown chased a 15 year old girl, hit her on the back of the head, and then bit her on the breast.

In nearby Scott, Louisiana, Carl Jacquneaux violated an order of protection and went to his ex-wife’s house.  There, Jacquneaux attacked her current husband, biting him numerous times in the face, tearing away “half of his cheek” according to police reports.

In Staten Island, NYC, New York, an incident in a pizza parlor left a man missing part of an ear.  Apparently the shop owner, Thomas Tomasello was so enraged when a customer changed the television channel that he followed the customer outside, attacked him, and bit off a portion of his ear.

A Baltimore, Maryland college student, Alex Kinyua, murdered and dismembered his roommate.  Kinyua’s brother made the grisly discovery of the roommate’s head in the laundry room sink.  When questioned by police, Kinyua confessed to eating the victim’s heart and part of his brain.

In Klamath, California, a cage fighter named Jarrod Wyatt, attacked his training partner and ripped out his still-beating heart.  He then proceeded to disembowel the victim with his bare hands and cook his organs in order to “stop the Devil.”

So what does it mean, when suddenly attacks and violence take a distinct turn for the gruesome? 

Big Pharma is partially to blame for this phenomena. North American society is being pumped full of chemicals that are actually destroying our brains.  High-fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners and MSG all contain chemicals that literally destroy parts of the brain.  Fluoride in the water supply has been proven to affect cognitive function.  There is a chemical vaccine for everything under the sun, and these vaccines are not tested for long-term effects.  Don’t even get me started on psychiatric drugs that alter the chemistry of the brain and are prescribed to more than half of the men, women and children in the nation. 

Our very brains are being biologically lobotomized, according to “Health Ranger” Mike Adams of Natural News.  “What's left is the primal section of the brain, sometimes called the "reptilian brain." Or the "zombie brain," to use a pop culture term. This zombie brain has no morals and no logic. It only knows hunger, sex, violence and fear. It is entirely focused on selfish needs and has no ability to consider the welfare of others.

It seems like the Miami Face Eater case has unleashed a torrent of cannibalistic attacks.  That taboo has been violated and a veritable Pandora ’s Box has been opened. The psychological and sociological boundaries that keep humans from feeding off of one another are being shattered.  After the initial horror wears off, society has once again become immune to something that should forever be appalling.

In the current economic situation, hunger and destitution seem imminent for many of us.  Civilized society requires moral boundaries.  Unfortunately, the lines are being blurred and we are being desensitized to the atrocities by the “Zombie” attacks in the news.  What happens when people are actually hungry?

I’m actually more disturbed by the fact that some of the people eating people are not enraged.  Some folks seem to just think it’s yummy.

In some recent news articles, cannibalistic practices were not the result of crazed attacks – they were deliberately prepared and presented as either tonic or delicacy.  A British man was arrested in Thailand for possessing roasted fetuses wrapped in gold foil, and a Chinese company was discovered to be selling pills containing the powdered flesh of dead infants.  On this venue, we can’t leave out the Pepsi company, whose use of aborted fetal cells as flavor enhancers has been okayed by the Caligula Obama  administration as “normal business operations.”

Throughout history, cannibalism has been a precursor to the destruction of civilization. 

For example, archaeologists studying the fall of the Mayan Empire have commented on a notable lack of grave sites.  Historian Eugene Frederick suggests that widespread cannibalism could be the cause of the rapid depopulation.  “The ghost towns of Maya house precious few such sites, echoing a panic so great, an extermination so fast, that this once proud people – steeped in tradition and ritual – had no choice but to leave their dead where they fell.” Bones found on the sites show signs of being violently ripped from their sockets and marks from being gnawed on.  (Source)

The fall of the Roman Empire was also preceded by accounts of extreme hedonism.  When the rich and powerful of the empire couldn’t get their kicks any other way, their acts became more and more outrageous.  Orgies, torture and cannibalism became entertainment for those who required their stimulation to be extreme. (Source) 

If eating your neighbor is a sign of the times, then we are on a ride to hell on a greased slide.  Whether their brains have been chemically altered or they just feel hedonistically entitled to eat their fellow man, Zombie Cannibals are here.  The food chain has been altered, my friends, and we are now considered prey.


  1. Gross, Sick, What a mess we are in. Who would ever have thought GOD's people could degenerate to such a state. But the Devil is very powerful and we seem to be embracing him at every turn.
    Not me, I rebuke him and all his minions everywhere I go. I will fight this stupidity with my last breath.
    In the end GOD's will, will reign supreme, End of story.

  2. Great story. Posted it on my blog. Thanks

    1. Thanks, Matt! It's very appreciated!


  3. HA!
    and all my friends thought i was crazy prepping for the zombie apocalypse.
    who's laughing now? lmfao

  4. America has no moral foundation now whatsoever...

    The last person that tried to shame America into decency was MLK.

    Since then, no one has stepped up, and the "slide into hell" has commenced...

    Time to play Call of Duty..